Ticketmaster App Reviews

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So easy!

Love this app. So easy to use, such a clean and appealing design, and I love the ability to use Touch ID and apple pay.

I love this app

I have used this app so many times and it works amazing! I love that I dont need to print my tickets I can just have then scanned off of my phone. I never have any glitches anytime so thats a plus!

Never a problem

Love this app. Once you get your payment info in, its so easy. I love the alerts you can set! I got Citi pre-sale tickets I wouldve never know about if it werent for the apps Alert functionality.

Love the convenience!

This app is great, especially with iPhone and Apple Pay. I can buy and save tickets from anywhere I choose. I love going to WWE shows so I swoop tix up as soon as theyre available. Cant go wrong with Ticketmaster!

Worst app

Poorly designed unless you are near the event. Im traveling and wanted to buy tickets. The app didnt let me choose another location and kept telling me that there were no concerts for that artist near me. Of course there isnt, thats why Im traveling. Dont loose your time.

So Easy!

Installed and Used for the first time today. Had tickets in 5 minutes!

Cant sign in

I can never sign into this app downloaded like 3 times and makes no difference...quite frustrating.

Best app

So easy to use! Thanks for making it one of the best apps Ive ever used.


Worked fine ordering tickets months ago and now, 2 days before the concert, its useless because every time I try to open the app, it says my phone is jailbroken. (Its not.) The whole reason for downloading the app was to not have to print off tickets. Even deleted the app and re-downloaded, still not working. Glad I checked it before driving out of state to a concert I wouldnt have been able to go to. Update: 4 emails in and customer service still does not even understand the problem. They keep trying to teach me how to print tickets. App and customer service are BOTH useless. Deleting. Update 2: I never deleted the app hoping that the issue would somehow be fixed in the next update. It is finally fixed, so I bumped it up to 2 stars. Still the worst customer service I have ever encountered.

Better experience than on my laptop

Great app

Super easy

Great app! Easy and fast and safe. What else can you ask for? Oh, good price for the tickets!

Bad Location Info

For years I have been complaining to Ticketmaster about this issue, even before they had the app and it was all on line. My problem is my profile location uses the 36526 zip code (Daphne, Al), however Ticketmaster thinks this is Jacksonville Florida (400 miles away). When I bring it to there attention they just blow it off and say its the database. So I get lots of concert alerts for Jacksonville but nothing for my area.

Cant select seats and doesnt have events

Cant select seats Doesnt have all events in the area.

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