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Missing Interactive Seat Map

Installed update and am disappointed that they took out the interactive seat map. Was a very useful tool for comparing prices and see where seats were at venue.


Love how simple and convenient the app is.


Super fast and super easy!


Still a horrible process and checkout is so confusing. Get it together Ticketmaster.

Never works

This app literally never works. Every time I try to use it, I get through to the purchase portion and I get a message saying their servers arent responding. Every single time. Thats been on multiple tries for probably 8 events in the last year. Enough already!

Horrible customer service

Who knew it was such a hassle trying to sell back tickets for an American event when I biught them in canada. Fml no fm refunds or exchanges to say the least

3 is the limit

You know how you keep hoping for better tickets to show up? Lately Ive noticed that after 3 times releasing tickets, the 4th time would say "sorry, no tickets available". Close app, open again, try 3 times, 4th time, no tickets available. Mustve done this 30 times. Same result. For Coldplay tickets, would go directly to resale tickets, even though mobile site and full site still had tickets showing. Why? Im just trying to get good tickets, which the bots all get then resell on stubhub, owned by Ticketmaster, for way more money. Hmmm. Just not right.


Why cant I filter?? I dont want to go through everything when Im just looking for concerts. Please fix this!!

Crashes every time!

I just cant use the app cause every time I try to look for an event it crashes.

Crashing !

The app is really buggy and crashing every time! ☹️☹️☹️☹️

Canadians cant use app?

Adding a new method of payment is broken. When you add billing address it gives option for postal code but instead of province it gives state. That wouldnt be so bad if you could type but since it is a drop down selection of states only it makes it impossible to add a method of payment if you live outside of the USA!

Loving this app

Havent had any issues, and Im loving the concerts it has given me access to.

Super Easy To Use!

Thanks for making it a super easy app to use!

Terrible App

Crashes every time I try to use it. Very disappointing!


The app is fine, Ticketmaster themselves are crooks though controlling a monopoly service.

Crashes Every Time

Used to work - now crashes every time.

Undisclosed privacy violation

I found out from my phones privacy settings that my Ticketmaster app accessed my Contacts. I was not notified of this, did not (& would not) give permission for this, and it is not included in the User Agreement or Privacy disclosure. If I did not make a point of checking for such things on my phone settings intermittently, i would not have even known it had happened. This is unacceptable.

Five star

Easy to use & fast

Thanks for draining my battery

Not cool, GPS on all the time!?!?

Easy and user friendly

Zero complaints but I buy more off stub hub cause the tickets never sell our there

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