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Worked really well

Easy. Find. Buy. Done. Not sure what else Id need.

Lousy Service!

I probably buy from ticket master once a month. My card was charges $13.50 more than the confirmation screen displayed for an event a couple months ago. I have sent several emails, received one excuse after another, and to this date have not received reimbursement. I have not seen a reply to my last email from weeks ago.

TM is the master

I had no issues buying my tickets, and got good prices

Master of fees

Buy a ticket for $18 then pay a $6 "service fee" per ticket. Then on top of that have to pay a separate "processing fee"? Youre not fooling anyone, the fees arent necessary, ticketmaster is just greedy.

I think TM needs Jail time!!!

I have spent literally hours on the phone with Apple to find out why when I open up the Ticketmaster app on my iPad I get a notice saying that the app does not work on any device that has been jailbroke. Then I went to access the app on my iPhone Im getting the same error says this app doesnt work on devices that are jailbroke!! My devices are perfectly legal and have never been worked on, Ive never been hacked.., so I dont know what your story is and why these weird errors keep coming up!! I cant get the hours Ive wasted back, can you fix your app??

Worked OK for me

Using IPhone 6 it worked ok the first time I used it but took half a day to get through starting at 10 am I finally got tix at 4:15pm Hope they arrive on time. I asked to have them mailed because my home printer isnt working too well.

Buy on map unavailable

I much rather not use the app and stick to the of desktop. Buy on map to hand pick my seats was not available for a purchase I made tonight and Im disappointed. App is not worth the anguish.

Horrible company, horrible app

To avoid having to solve a CAPCHA for each transaction, TicketMaster requires you to allow push notifications. Pure evil.


Every time I try to do something on the app, it just says "there were problems completing your request at this time." Completely useless.

What would your...

Phone be like if everyone you did business with insisted on an app of their own. Cluttered and confusing. I used to be able to get MLB tickets just with Apple wallet. This app obliged you to become a marketing target, to take up space on your phone, just to get your tickets. Ridiculous.


Always a breeze to find and purchase my tickets! Love the app.

Its cool.

Good stuff


The best app ever

Journey, Doobie Bros, Dave Mason

...all in one magical, musical starry night!!! Thank you Ticketmaster, for having such a professional interface. if a web sign in doesnt take the trouble to have a freaking ampersand and period under the alphabet....lame website-amateurs. Ticketmaster has it right. Cant wait to hear Journeys new lead vocal!

Super easy

I can easily search and find events in my area and buy tickets easily. Fantastic app.


Fast, easy, simple. Nothing better.

Actually really easy

Ive bought a few tickets through the app now, and it has been really smooth. E-tickets are delivered through the app so I always have them on me.

Needs improvement... Still good

Good app. Easy check out when logged in. Could be better. Would like to be able to see tix available by section instead of searching best available

App keeps prompting me for location and wont search for tix

Keep getting prompted for stupid things like resetting my location, search rarely pulls up tickets for popular on-sale events (even though I try the second tix go on sale), and one time couldnt get my tix to pull up at a concert because it required me to update the app to latest version.... Overall not great app

Finally a proper ticket app!

Love the mobile tickets!

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