Ticketmaster App Reviews

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Easy, Fast, user friendly


I deleted the app because it would only show one ticket price and I couldnt choose seats from the map. Then it wont allow you to go back to view your search. StubHub is much better.


I downloaded the app and it wont give me events or let me log in!!!

Love this app...quick to use

It keeps getting improved. I love to use this app to get the concert tickets I want

Easiest ticket purchase EVER!

I have never had an easier time buying a concert ticket! Very fast, convenient, and user-friendly. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Great App

Very user friendly...quick and convenient! Im so glad I downloaded this app!

Crashes constantly

Right now it crashes consistently literally every time I try to look at my tickets that Ive purchased. Absolutely useless for trying to actually go to a concert.

Not Working for Older iOS anymore

Just went to check tickets and found out that the new app version is mandatory and I cannot dismiss the message even though I can see concerts behind the message. If I go to the store and re download it asks me if I want the earlier version which will work with OS and it installs, asks for location an then tells me that the new version is REQUIRED. Why allow download and trap me in an upgrade loop? Please disable download of older app or remove update requirement. In the mean time, Im deleting the APP as TicketMaster is useless to me now and Ill just go surf an event calendar.


Good tickets available but finding tickets is difficult because they dont show all the available tickets to you.

Great App

Couldnt be easier and love e-tickets

Super easy to scope out and by game tickets

Shows view from seat, seating chart. Rank seats by section or price. If not seats left, explore resale seats. Great experience overall - probably my best Ticketmaster experience ever, actually.

Doesnt work

Wont let me use until I download the latest update. Cant update, so I deleted to try to re-download. Now Im just unable to download the app, period! This is the worst!!!

Easy and quick to use

Just a few clicks to tix!


Always has provided a easy way for me to purchase my tickets and save them to my phone!

Dope App

Last minute !!! Came through in the clutch love you TICKETMASTER!!!

Cant print your tickets from app/mobile

THEY SHOULD TELL YOU UPFRONT YOU CANT PRINT YOUR TICKETS FROM THE APP OR YOUR MOBILE DEVICE!! I spent an hour going in cyber-loops before I finally found the help that stated this! Very frustrating.


I never have an issue using the app.

Annoying way to buy tickets

Stub Hub app much better. Needs to be easier to use. Not related to app but the fees are too high

Works great!

Just downloaded a few days ago and grabbed two different concerts within a few minutes. No hiccups from the app, paying is a breeze. I think the fees are ridiculous but expected. Great app so far.

Glitched me out of tickets!

Had tickets to an event in my cart, but couldnt make the purchase because "my cart didnt have an outstanding balance" Event was sold out by the time I cancelled and started over.

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